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XMS Capital Team

Ted 2_edited.jpg

Founding Partner

Yogi 2_edited.jpg

Founding Partner

Brian 2_edited.jpg

Managing Director

John 2_edited.jpg

Managing Director

Scott 2_edited.jpg

Managing Director

Jim Nygaard.jpg

Managing Director

Frank 2_edited.jpg

Managing Director

Roger 2_edited.jpg

Managing Director,


Steven Strom.jpg

Managing Director,

Odinbrook Global Advisors

Joe 2_edited.jpg

General Counsel

JT 2_edited.jpg

Executive Director

Matt 2_edited.jpg

Executive Director

Brett Lilley.jpg

Executive Director

Patrick 2_edited.jpg

Executive Director


Executive Director, Head of Capital Solutions

Nicole 2_edited.jpg

Accounting Manager

Samantha 2_edited.jpg

Research Analyst

Christopher Juan Costain.jpg

Senior Advisor - UK

XA Investments Team

XA Investments LLC (XAI) is a Chicago-based investment manager founded by XMS Capital Partners in April 2016 to pursue a single goal: provide investors with access to institutional-caliber alternative investments. XAI has approximately $392 million in assets under management and $528 million in assets under investor services and secondary market support as of June 30, 2022.


Managing Director


General Counsel


Finance & Operations


Vice President


Senior Associate



David Adler.jpg

Senior Advisor to XA Investments on Economics

William Meyers.png

Senior Advisor to XA Investments on CEF Syndication and Product Management

Paul C. Williams.jpg

Senior Advisor to XA Investments on Product Development

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