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February / March 2023


On its $573mm Debt Exchange Transaction and Private Placement of Convertible Senior Notes

December 2022

On its equity investment from strategic investor


July 2022


On its joint venture arrangement


September 2021

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Advisor on its initial public offering on Nasdaq.

October 2020

On its sale of $869 Million of Common Stock in a Registered Direct Offering

July 2020

On its equity offering

February 2020

On its pricing of convertible notes

June 2019

On its refinancing

March 2019

On its pricing of convertible senior notes

December 2018

On its preferred equity investment from

August 2018

On its debt financing from

July 2018

On its refinancing

June 2018

On its convertible

notes offering

January 2018

On its convertible

notes offering

August 2017

On its equity offering

December 2016


On its equity offering

October 2016

On its financing by Maranon Capital for the acquisition of 

July 2016

On its equity offering

December 2014

On its equity offering

November 2014

Capital Raising

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