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What We Do

Involvement Banking means ascending from the traditional role of transactional banker and earning our place as a trusted advisor.

We listen. We advise.

We analyze.

We believe in deep involvement and deep commitment, providing tailored expertise on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, debt and equity alternatives, restructurings, valuation, shareholder value and capital structure to companies and institutions all over the world.

Over their careers, our managing directors have carried out over $250 billion in transactions. They were seasoned at some of the world’s best bulge bracket firms and have helped hundreds of owners, CEOs and boards of directors navigate strategic opportunities.


Involvement Banking® means we always advise with stakeholders in mind, with analytically rigorous judgments that reflect our expertise and our clients’ specific opportunities. Our advice is independent, fully vetted, analyzed and explained. We won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what we believe you need to know, based on our analysis.

M&A and strategic


Corporate finance advisory

Our managing directors are bulge bracket firm veterans who have helped hundreds of owners, CEOs and boards of directors plan and execute balance sheet management to support the growth of their businesses. We advise with every stakeholder’s best interests in mind, engage on a deeper level and leverage our global experience to turn our clients’ unique opportunities into successful outcomes.


At XMS, we have built a unique team that combines expertise, experience and some of the world’s best young talent to craft the right solution, whether you’re accessing the public equity markets, executing a PIPE to de-risk the balance sheet, negotiating terms for a convertible financing, exploring liquidity options or designing a complex shareholder communication plan.

Capital markets 


Our managing directors have deep, global bulge bracket experience planning and executing balance sheet management. Our advice comes from a stakeholder-centric mindset. It’s an involved process that applies thoughtful, analytically rigorous judgments to our clients’ specific challenges and opportunities.


We have access to private sources of capital and are able to contrast the terms and conditions of private capital relative to the many public pools of capital. Whether you are considering a PIPE, a royalty financing, venture debt, accessing the high-yield market or just terming out your revolver, we can provide the unbiased and unabashed advice you need.


Our team has been designed as a continuum of talent — from our highly experienced managing directors to our talented lineup of young analysts and advisors. Our team works closely with you and your team, providing in-depth, analytically rigorous advice that puts the needs of stakeholders front and center.


We apply our unique Involvement Banking® approach to help companies and creditors in distressed, bankruptcy and other special situations. We focus on advising clients on complex company-creditor negotiations, valuation, debt capacity, asset sales, exchange offers, rescue and DIP financings, and restructuring negotiations.

Industry focus

and reach

Our partners have been deeply involved in investment banking services for their entire careers and collectively have executed transactions in industries like:

  • Healthcare, Diagnostics and Health Tech

  • Digital Assets and Infrastructure

  • General Industrial

  • Industrial Services

  • Automotive / Transportation

  • Automotive and Industrial Aftermarket

  • Business Services / Technology-enabled Business Services

  • Financial Services / InsurTech

  • Consumer Products

  • Food

  • Metals

  • Software / Technology

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