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XMS Capital Values

We are comfortable

with complicated.

We don’t get hired for easy. We don’t get retained for routine. Sophisticated clients around the world retain us for our ability to distill complex concepts with multiple inputs into digestible decision-making tools to assess risk and reach actionable conclusions.

The right thing.

Not the easy thing.

We always speak hard truths. Walk the difficult miles. And do the right thing. Even when no one is looking.

Global by design.

Our deals cross time zones, hemispheres, cultures and international lines of demarcation. But wherever we are, we are deeply involved. We go native. We get proximate, in the trenches, boots on the ground with our clients. Anywhere in the world.

Follow the math.

We believe in the power of Pythagoras. The truth is in the numbers. The answers are in the analytics. Unlocking that truth, to get to those answers, is what we do. And it requires a level of quantitative diligence that goes far beyond what is “due.”

All in. 

All the time.

We don’t simply consult. We don’t simply advise. We go all in. We devour, ingest, question, learn, challenge, crunch and steep ourselves in our client’s business until we are not only a trusted partner, but an extension of their team.

A decidedly

long-term perspective. 

Our model is simple. Do your homework. Keep your word. Honor relationships with clients and team members. That’s how long-term partnerships are built.

Anticipate. Respond.

And follow through.

Our role is to be accessible, available and uber-responsive at every turn. That means anticipating needs, being proactive as well as reactive, and providing insight and clarity to enable our clients to make critical decisions.

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